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About Us

In the Land of Smiles, Thailand is an agricultural country. Rice is the country’s most important crop covering over half of the cultivated area.  The exceptional natural aroma of Thai Hom Mali rice is achieved through the harmony of a tropical climate, fertilized soil, and natural nourishing water.


At Rice Field Inter Co.,Ltd. we are the nominated representative for many local rice millers.

Strategically operating through our Bangkok office, Rice Field Inter Co.,Ltd. is in charge the sourcing, selecting, and purchasing as well as the logistics for our customers.  We have lead the way in exporting high quality Thai Rice and food products worldwide.  We are still in the negotiating and researching stage; developing new products and securing exclusive brands.

At Rice Field Inter Co.,Ltd. we maximize our relationships with our industry partners in rice and food production building a long and successful relationship providing them with many new customers each year.   

What We Do



Every grains are graded and sorted to the highest standard.



Examination and control the quality by the international surveyor before loading.



Inspecting all the containers to ensure compliance with container hygiene requirements.

Our Experts

The companies have trust in our strong potential and our negotiation. That’s why our price is so highly competitive in the market.


We closely monitor every step of the process and quality to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Our clients are importers, wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets and HORECA fielded from all corners of the world. Europe Asia Africa and Oceania.

The Rice products offered by Rice Field Inter Co.,Ltd. are produced and sourced depending on their type with the following international standard certification: HACCP, GMP, BRC, ISO 9001, USFDA, and HALAL. 

Special Offer

Contact us to receive special offers that you have never received before.

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